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Support, Community, Empowerment
Honoring our Whole Wellness and the Sacred Womb

Ilithyias Space 

About Me

Doula, Shadow Medicine Woman & Herbalist

I am a full spectrum Doula focusing on the entire scope of womb work.

From birth, postpartum, lactation, loss and trauma healing  I seek to help bring advocacy to womxn and their families as they come into the journey of pregnancy and through the other side. My goal is to educate, support  and focus on creating a safe space for those who seek a positive possibility within this multi faceted human experience. This work is sacred and a fundamental part of our growth as we move through pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum, and beyond.

My journey into this innate part of  living began in my own introduction into motherhood. My experience was far from pleasant and I knew that there was more to this journey then what I had encountered. Since then I have spent over a decade working hard to fill in the gaps and lend a hand into some of the most sacred places of our lives. 

As my experience  through this spectrum grows, I am continuing to seek furthered education, partnerships and  raising the bar of womb work and healing. Since 2011, I have been a practicing herbalist and in 2014 I opened my first shop to the public instead of only offering herbal medicinals to my clients. In 2016, that shop closed to keep focus on small intimate healing circles and push focus back to birth support and surrogacy.

2018 allowed me to begin the work of a true shadow medicine woman and plant healer. Since then, I have dedicated my life to bring a conscious connection to the collective human experience through shadow integration and plant medicine allies. Thus bridging the gap of all my studies. 

Through these incredible Opportunities I have watched people heal, love and let go of different parts of their own stories to create new ones. I am blessed to be able to offer and hold this space for others. 

Above all the things I am passionate about my biggest passion is my family. I am a mother to 6 (4 I have birthed and 2 I have had the pleasure of loving as my own) I have a wonderful partner who fully embodies and supports all of my work. Through this we have explored the world of surrogacy and changing the narrative in supporting families, completing a journey in 2018 and connecting through another journey in 2020/21.

This place we call home is beautiful. Let us know and love one another. 


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"Crysta is not just an amazing person but she was the most amazing Doula and the birth coach! She was there for me every day, especially during the week I was going through early labor at home and she never left my side when I got to the hospital to deliver. She gave my husband and I love, support and guidance throughout the whole experience. No words can ever come close to describe how special Crysta is to me and my family. She is forever a special part of my birth story, my life and my son’s life!"

Jayme Peppler
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